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Epic is all I can say. Huge Multiverse World, with massive cities of NPCs with Quests, and flag based PvP to keep the Murderers away from safe spots(similar to the original Ultima Online PVP system). The town guards will take care of any evil doers that get too close, although there are PVP allowed cities as well, and pretty much the whole world is PVP short of a few safe towns, and houses. Start out as Unskilled, and work your way through the leveling system to one of the Fighter, Magic, or Crafter Classes, then train towards multiple branches off each of those. Blood Mod added for nice effects, as well as we support Spout, but do not require you use it. However, you won't be able to hear all the custom music I wrote, as well as all the custom weapons, materials, and other goodies that make this server one of a kind. Currently accepting BETA users, apply on the website link to get access here http:\\

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Fate Craft is a HIGHLY modified Minecraft server, that has dozens of plugins to make it an unique experience. It uses an RPG leveling system so that players can level up and branch out into various classes, and ultimately professions that let them build their character around their unique playstyle. There are PVP elements as most of the world is PVP allowed, short of the safe cities and players houses. And there is a flag system in place for players to report being murdered, and once a player hits the threshold of Murder Points, they end up getting the Murder flag. This means they now spawn and must move near one of the PVP allowed cities with other murderer types. The Murder Points roll off in time, and there are accelerated ways to reduce them as well, such as the plan Prison system. There are custom materials, custom music, custom items, custom weapons, and much more. Players that support the game are allowed to become Mayors, and grow their own cities that expand in size as well as abilities as more and more residents move into them. The website to find out more about fatecraft is . You can find the link to the server there as well as the forums for more information.

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