The Murder System for Pvp is based on a Flag system. When a player is killed by another player, they have the option to report the death to a moderator on duty. The moderator will then verify it, and add a Murder Point to that player.

If a player reaches the 5th Murder Point, they are then moved to another region of the map, currently near Pirates Cove, and the player now respawns at the spawn located there. This town is a PVP allowed town, so there is no safety from PvP in this region. If a player wanted to try to return to normal society again, they would hold off from killing other players for quite some time until all the points have rolled off and they are back to none Murder Points.

As of this posting, you lose 1 Murder Point per week, from creation date of your character. Thus it would take several weeks to be able to move back into the Player Town area for the lawful citizens. There are future plans to add a Prison system where a player can spend some time burning off the Murder Points, but they would have to actually play the game and not just AFK during this period. So it requires that they move about every so often or they will Auto AFK and lose some of the progress that the Prison would have allowed them. Moderators will check in with the inmates to make sure that they are really there and that the player isn't just using a macro program to keep them from going AFK. But if you complete the full term of your time there, you can then return back to Normal society once again.

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