Agne, the weaponsmith was the first Crafter to make a sword, and also the first to kill a monster. Agne lived between 3900 and 3850 years ago, about 2555 B.N.

The SwordEdit

One day, while watching a friend killing a sheep, Agne realised that while using the pickaxe, the sheep died much faster than by hand. He tested his theory with all the other tools, and finally made a conclusion: Sharp pieces of wood could cut throught the animal's skin. With this thought in his mind, he went to the crafting table to create a new design of tool. Instead of the long grip, like the pickaxe or shovel, he made a small one, with a long, sharp wood blade. That night, the Crafters went to theyr shelters as usual, but Agne didn't. Some friends told him that he would die, and that they wouldn't be allowed to let him enter during the night. Agne smilled and told them he would stay and fight. And it was what he did. Agne fighted until the sun came up in the morning, and had killed all monsters that crossed his path. Even the feared Creeper. And since this day he was called "Agne, the Weaponsmith".


Agne inspired many Crafters to become warriors and weaponsmiths, and also is used as a symbol of courage. Apart from the night he created the first sword and fight those monsters, not much is know about him. There is evidence that he lived long and well, but not much more. Most of what we know about him came from oral tradition, and just some books from his time were found, and only 2 described the history of Agne. But until today, he's remembered as the first Crafter to kill a monster.